The way to get Mercedes Benz password online calculation token for key tool plus

VVDI key tool plus

There are 3 ways to get Mercedes Benz password online calculation token for key tool plus Pad.

First Way:
You could buy tokens from
Just provide the device serial number to activate.

Second Way:
You can use unniversal remotes or vvdi be key pro to get bonus ponits.
200 bonus points=1 token.
Add key costs 1 token(200 points)one time
Do all key lost costs 2 tokens(200 points)one time.
One vvdi be key comes with 200 points.However,The be key pro points can be used for mb calculation only.
Generate xhorse universal remote will get bonus points.
You can exchange these points to MB token as well.
Follow remotes will help you get bonus points:
Wire remote:25 bonus points
Wireless remote:40 bonus points
super remote:40 bonus points
smart remote:60 bonus points

Way 3: You can Bind key tool plus with xhorse key cutting machine(condor mini ,condor mini plus,dolphin xp005, panda) to get tokens
Bind one xhorse key cutter get 1 fre token per day.
Bind two xhorse key cutters get 2 free tokens per day.
(lf you link 2 or more key cutting machine,you can get up to 2 tokens per day only)

Q:Why i cannot buy MB unlimited tokens for vvdi key tool plus ?
A:Xhorse does not have unlimited token policy for the key tool plus yet,Maybe will update in the future.

Q: What tokens required when use the xhorse key tool plus  Pad?
A: One is Benz online calculation token
One is ID48 96 BIT Clone,you can buy 1 token or get token for bonus points(100 tokens for per cloning)
Another is Toyota H(8A)online calculation:200 points(only required in first generation,later it is free)

Q:Where to check points and tokens? I cannot see points in the key tool plus pad
A: Go to Account and bind device you will see points.same operation as in xhorse app.


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