Top 3 New Xhorse Key Cutting Machine & Tools in 2022

Top 3 New Xhorse Key Cutting Machine & Tools in 2022

Since there are many models in Xhorse Key Cutting Machine tools, we have picked out best 3 new devices for locksmiths. They are all latest released in 2022. let’s take a look at what new features they have.


Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II

Price: £2,538

Net weight: 19kg

Top 3 New Xhorse Key Cutting Machine & Tools in 2022


  • Standard equipped 2-in-1 M5 clamp(M1+M2) & M3 clamp, optional M4 clamp.
  • 3 colors intelligent lights to indicate working status.
  • 2 steps to upgrade on Condor Mini Plus directly, no need cable or computer any more.
  • Added key blank engraving function to allow unique key making.
  • 8-Core processor allows faster running speed.
  • 1280*720px larger & higher screen.
  • Higher 10000pm motor rotation speed.
  • Offline operation is available.


In addition, Condor XC Mini Plus II shares same key database and covers all functions as 1 generation. Including self-calibration, all key lost, key duplication, cut by bitting, take photo to recognize, key 3D preview, customize key data, etc.


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Xhorse Dolphin II XP-005L

Price: £1,731

Net weight: 13kg

Top 3 New Xhorse Key Cutting Machine & Tools in 2022


  • Added adjustable HD touch screen, no need a phone to control.
  • Multiple M5 clamp(M1+M2), more convenient, no need to frequently change clamps when cutting.
  • Added transparent mask to prevent metal debris from spattering.
  • Added WiFi to allow upgrade on Dolphin II directly, no need smart phone or cable any more.
  • 3 indicator lights to changes colors according to working status.
  • Lengthen working space.


Besides, Dolphin II XP005L supports same key types, and covering all functions as XP005. It not only supports smart control by smart phone, even easier to touch control on screen directly. The high resolution screen has brought more convenience than before.


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Xhorse Key Reader XDKR00GL

Price: £269

Net weight: 2kg

Top 3 New Xhorse Key Cutting Machine & Tools in 2022


Xhorse Key Reader Skimmer is a good helper of key cutting machine. As a key identification device, it supports to work with Xhorse machine for key cutting directly. Key reader also supports to work separately and take along.


  • Share same key database of Xhorse
  • Support to identify almost all cars & motorcycle keys.
  • Support to read aluminum keys, plastic keys, metal keys.
  • Identify keys in seconds.
  • To avoid breaking probes.
  • More accurate than taking photos.
  • Easy use with mobile control.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Support to cut key directly after identification(Applies to Condor XC-MINI Plus, XC MINI PLUS II, Dolphin XP005, XP005L).


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This is the latest 3 recommended Xhorse key cutting machine & tool for locksmiths. However, select the appropriate tool will never go wrong.

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