What’s New in Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max PRO?

VVDI Key Tool Max PRO

2022 latest Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max PRO programmer is coming and available to pre-order now. As the upgrade version of VVDI Key Tool Max, what new features have been added?


VVDI Key Tool Max PRO vs. Key Tool Max


VVDI Key Tool Max PRO VVDI Key Tool Max
Image VVDI Key Tool Max PRO

VVDI Key Tool Max


£419 £293
Hardware configuration Quad-Core CPU

Quad-Core CPU




OBD module

Connect to Mini OBD

CANFD module


OBD charge

OBD cable/USB cable

×(USB cable)

Current & voltage test module


IMMO programming

Connect to Mini OBD

Cadillac CT4/CT5 CAN_FD


Buick GL8/Encore, etc. CAN_FD


Chevy Cowards/Trax, etc. CAN_FD



Connect to Mini OBD

Generate remote(smart key, Toyota XM remote, garage remote)

Clone remote

Read/ clone chip

Generate chip

Make key via dump

Other special functions


New Features

  1. Built-in OBD Module

Replace the role of Mini OBD, no need to take 2 devices along. Lighter, faster and stable.


  1. 2-in-1 IMMO Key Programmer

Contains all immo functions of Mini OBD, but also added to support certain Cadillac, Buick, Chevy models.


  1. Battery Voltage Test

Added the function to test remote battery voltage and leakage current.


  1. OBD Charge

Supports to charge by OBD cable directly, no worry about running low on power.


  1. CANFD Module

Supports CANFD models, online programming without pincode, no more additional adapters.


Compare to VVDI Key Tool Max

  1. Price is cheaper than VVDI Key Tool Max + MINI OBD Tool.
  2. Functions of VVDI Key Tool Max PRO are same and even more than old model.
  3. Only to take one device along, convenient and ease.

VVDI Key Tool Max PRO


Still hesitant about it? Pre-order early, enjoy early.


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